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Scooby Doo!

Pues de esta guisa íbamos este pasado finde Màbel, Norman, Roberto, y Rosita, por ese orden…y sin más comentarios…

También estaban Goku y Bulma (Miguel y Gemma)


Me encantaaaa! Jajajaja Norman platino estás total XD Qué bien caracterizados todos!

Lo dijo Mireya @toni_ficada el 17.11.2010 a las 14:55

The hell is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaet!
Tremendos, geniales!

Lo dijo rick el 17.11.2010 a las 16:52

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Lo dijo Saima el 05.05.2014 a las 19:25

All-digital does seem to be all the rage now, doesn’t it? I’m hoping it’s a diarstction we’ll eventually see beyond.Blowers spoke of libraries finding their Phoenix. For me, part of that mythical re-creation will be helping people gain perspective on the role of information technology in their lives, to more clearly discern the differences between info and insight, and to reflect upon the layered meaning of community. pretty tall order I know, especially in the face of steadily declining resources.

Lo dijo KyungJin el 18.02.2015 a las 10:33

I thought you souednd fine and it was interesting to see the iZone and hear about it. We recently put in a learning commons area which I think could have benefited from a lot more in terms of technology been added to it.

Lo dijo Mohd el 23.03.2015 a las 19:25

Err, what is so horrible about this? All Gregory is saying is that by appearing on the show, Sanford gets to take control of the story somewhat, framing it the way he wants rather than allowing others to dictate the debate. He's also saying that by doing Meet the Press, Sanford can effectively bury the issue, saying he has already done one interview on it and he is no longer addressing the subject. In both instances, Gregory makes a fair point, plus he takes a shot at landing a high profile guest for the show. It's not a bad pitch.

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